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Still in the catalogue garage door remote ebay is something even more exciting, a 1:12 scale kit carrying the registration UU 5872 of the Blower Bentley driven by ‘Tim’ Birkin at Le Mans in 19 This has to be the ultimate challenge for the advanced modeller and Bentley enthusiast. Once all 278 components have been put together, the end product is an impressive model nearly 14/ inches in length. It has proved to be another perennial favourite, for the first version of this kit appeared back in 1 The big 1:12 scale allows a high level of detail, such as Dunlop lettering and tyre information on the sidewalls, flexible straps on the bonnet and tiny decals for the dashboard instruments.

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Yet even that isn’t enough for some purists: there are online discussions about how to fit replacement wire wheels that have much thinner spokes and cost more than the price of the whole kit. Considering the Bentley’s list price is around ?100, things have clearly moved on since the days when youngsters knocked together an Airfix kit on a wet Saturday afternoon and painted it with a tin of Humbrol! Not a new car, just a new number -I’ve finally re-registered the Merc with an age-related number plate. This exercise turned into something of a saga, with letters and documents flying back and forth as, despite pointing out to the DVLA that the VIN number contained the year of manufacture, 1955, and that the car was in production for only three years, it wanted confirmation from Mercedes that this was a 1955 car and not, as the V5 stated, a 1967 car. Many thanks to Rory Lumsdon at Mercedes-Benz UK, who arranged for Stuttgart to email me build sheet copies showing garage door remote ebay on 30 November 1955 and delivery to its lucky first owner on 3 December.

The strange thing is that after 43 years of SHM 14F, I now rather miss it. The inappropriate suffix was never more than a minor irritation but it became an inconvenience when pre-60 cars were exempted from the MoT and the DVLA computer persisted in saying ‘No’ when applying for a Road Fund Licence. Meanwhile, fresh from a session fixing the odd dent and an accumulationofrelativelyminor problems, garage door remote ebay a dragging brake or two, the Mercedes has been trapped in my garage. I was looking forward to getting some more miles on the odometer but have been thwarted by the befinned obstacle blocking its route to the road. After much to-ing and fro-ing I did manage to wriggle the Merc free for the accompanying photo and, at last, a blast around the block.



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