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Unfortunately any mention of the militia s location has been

Fortunately the rain held off. Although I have a canvas tilt for the 107, I’m stilllackingthe centre hoodsticks that are unique to these long-wheelbase Series Is. A few days later, I photographed the inside of the garage door remote entry and enlarged the pics on my computer.

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It soon became evident that, far from being estate records, those old papers were recruitment lists for a local militia being assembled ahead of the NapoleonicWars. They are dated 5 December 1796 and headings in the picture, left, include ‘Liable to Serve’ and ‘Exempt from Serving’. Unfortunately, any mention of the militia’s location has been torn out but I know which village the chest came from, so my next step will be to visit its churchyard and see if any of the family garage door remote entry appear on graves. Time moves slowly in the Cotswolds, and there’s a very good chance that this old chest has not travelled far in three centuries. Phil Brough and Richard Storerfrom Winchcombe Antiques Centre load an antique into another antique; old blanket box is lined with militia lists from 1 I thinkwe’ve been a bit hard on the BMW, always going on about its rust issues.

It might be getting a complex. There are so many great things about this car, one of the most impressive being its engine, a terrificpiece ofBMW engineering. While the focus has been on restoring the bodywork, my thoughts turned to what else we can do while everything is off the car. The job has garage door remote entry somewhat but common sense tells me to do as much as we can while we have the opportunity. And if we are planning this car to last another 35 years, we should do as much as we can within reason.



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