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Prior to the restoration the Baur s engine was

orbudget. When the E21 was launched in July 1975, there was only a choice of four-cylinderM10 engines available. These included the 6-litre 316, the 8-litre 318, the 0-litre 320 and the 0-litre, fuel-injected 320i that used Bosch K-Jetronic fuel garage door remote erase procedure These cars could readily match the pace oftheir predecessors, the ’02-series including the sporty 2002 tii.

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With the introduction of the M20 six-cylinder engines, though, things hotted up. The carb-fed 320/6 arrived in late 1977 to replace the two four-cylinder 320s, and the 323i, again with K-Jetronic, topped the range in early 1978, garage door remote erase procedure 143bhp and 0-60mph in 8sec. Prior to the restoration, the Baur’s engine was running fine with plenty ofpower. But, given that the engine was out, once again I sought the advice ofJeroen de Laat from bmwE net. He says the M20 engines are not known for oil leaks or bearing wear, so ifthere are no visible issues I may want to keep things simple.

Phew, I thought. An inspection of the oil sump will provide many clues. If it’s full of dirt and sludge we should check the big-end bearings, but otherwise we’d just refit the sump with a fresh gasket. Another useful check is a compression test. Ifthe results are garage door remote erase procedure and even, we should leave the engine alone apart from fitting a fresh timing belt, tensioner and water pump, plus a new set ofhoses.



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