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As reported in Octane Cars in the April issue, mybearing-less and consequently wheel-less Tatra is beached upon the pea-shingle foreshore of my house. As it enters its fourth month ofabandonment, I have been attempting to shift it by a foot or two to ease access to my garage. It has already split the Golf’s plastic bumper, if that is not a misnomer for the bit that wraps around its nose, in a reversing manoeuvre when I caught it on the far more substantial spring-steel device protecting the Tatra. In the absence of the vital wheel I jury-rigged a substitute garage door remote extender a four-wheeled dolly and, to plug the gap ’twixt dolly and axle, a large log from a recently dispatched garden tree.

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Despite help from a sturdy chum the Tatra garage door remote extender to budge by even a fraction of an inch. Suspecting seized brakes after standing so long in the open I jacked each corner, only to find that everything revolved freely. The beast is just too heavy and the shingle too grippy. Frustrated, I patiently await the arrival of the refurbished hub and bearing. It’s been a mild winter this year and, while that means we’ve had hardly any snow boo! the upside is that there’s been no need to spread salt on the roads, and I’ve felt able to use the Series I without worrying about the chassis and bulkhead rusting.

During a recent weekend away in Gloucestershire with my partner Paula, we ended up in the pretty village ofWinchcombe, having a cup of tea in an antiques centre, as you are of course required by law to do when visiting the Cotswolds. Now, I’m not normally a great enthusiast of‘proper’ antiques but, just as we were leaving, Paula pointed outan oakblanketbox dating from the early 1700s. What intrigued us both was that the inside of the box’s floor seemed to be lined with old estate records, in beautiful copperplate writing. The price was more reasonable than either ofus expected, so a deal was done and I arranged to pick the box up a week later in the Landy. Remembering that a virtually unladen 107 rides like a shopping trolley on cobbles, Iwent to great lengths to pad the Land Rover’s bed and wrap the box in a blanket and garage door remote extender before lashing it down.



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