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‘Unless,’Jorean says, ‘there is garage door remote eye blue smoke or you have experienced high oil consumption, in which case you may want to consider overhauling the head. ‘That’s also true if the camshaft has clear traces ofwear, which may be caused by abuse, old oil or a clogged oil-squirterline above the camshaft. But in many cases these engines are just fine and don’t need majorwork. Sounds promising.

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Next time, I’ll reveal what actually lay inside the BMW’s straight six. Could an old Mercedes diesel-fuelled station wagon start a small revolution? Maybe it will, because adding this car to the fleet is opening the Octane world to a car which, using Rudolf’s old, smoking invention, is not Octane at all. I’ll take the risk, relying on the rule that ‘contributors’ views do not necessarily reflect those of the magazine’, because my 1985 W123-series 240TD is the first car I bought, used, in 19 Since then, even when garage door remote eye forgotten in the garage for long periods, it has been in my heart every single moment.

The love for a diesel youngtimer Mercedes is not made ofhot passion and short-term promise, but is something built on the road at a sedate, comfortable pace, knowing it will never let you down. Taking care of a dieselW123 is easy: one litre of fuel every 10km, change the oil and filter every10,000, no topping-up in between. A battery every seven years and a dry parking space. The most difficult taskis to keep the fuel system clean. Every garage door remote eye of years it’s vital to empty the tank and clean the inside.



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