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Jim Rathmann won the I960 Indy 500 in this AJ Watson built, Offenhauser engined Ken-Paul Special roadster after a race long duel with Roger Ward in another Watson car. Rathmann became a successful GM dealer in Florida and supplied all of the NASA astronauts with cars, including their signature Corvettes. Celebrated oval track author Joe Scalzo, in his book Indianapolis Roadsters, observes that this car is not the actual original winning car, rather a composite of Watson cars. The garage door remote for crooks and liars race car had holes drilled everywhere to save weight.

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AJ Foyts first win came in 1961 in this George Bignotti wrenched car. Built by Floyd Trevis, it was a Watson copy. Below: Larry Shinoda, then a GM stylist, had a hand in the styling of the Ken Paul Special, having given the Watson cars their trademark twin nostril front end in 1 Shinoda also was on the pit crew, holding the lap time board. He left GM, went to garage door remote for crooks and liars and helped design Boss Mustangs. The last of the dirt track cars to win at Indy.

Owned by JC Agajanian's and driven by Troy Ruttman. , who was just 22 when he won in 1 Troy ran the 500 miles at an average of 933 mph, a record at the time. Until the Ford V8 came to dominate Indy, about the only engine noise you heard was the characteristic bark of the four cylinder Offenhauser exiting unmuffled through four chrome pipes. Another Agajanian winning car, this one was driven by Parnelli Jones in 1 garage door remote for crooks and liars winner. It made AJ Foyt a two time winner, and was the last Roadster to win.



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