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I m always impressed at the near total recall

However, one thing which concerns me, from time to time, is when a reader comes up to me at a show and says: "I liked the article on so-and-so, but I was garage door remote for iphone that there were so many mistakes. " "All right," I reply, "if that's the case, you'd better write to us and put things right. " "Oh well," comes the reply, "I'm not sure of all the facts; I'm not much of a letter-writer; I wouldn't want to disagree.

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" There's also the comment that, when it appears in a magazine, whatever is written becomes accepted as fact, and it must be put right. Yes, we all want to reflect the true facts, and it's a shame if somebody gets it all wrong if it's an important point, but usually what is wrong is either a small detail, which doesn't alter the situation very much, or really only a matter of opinion or personal memories and we all know how they can play tricks on us. I'm always impressed at the near total recall of so many of our writers; whether they kept detailed diaries, took garage door remote for iphone or just have excellent memories, I take my hat off to them. At least they have made the commitment to putting it all down in writing and sending it in, usually with pictures, which always bring the whole story to life. So I don't like to hear criticism of the: "He's got it all wrong.

" type, when it's just an incidental detail. It's a bit like those 'armchair football managers' we all have to listen to in the pub! Anyway, having got that off my chest, there's so much to enjoy in this nostalgic hobby of ours; so many great vehicles which people have rebuilt and rally for both their own enjoyment and ours, so let's make the most of it. This eight-wheeler, Leyland Octopus 01, LTN 265 Newcastle, 1947 , which has since entered preservation, first in Brash Bros livery during the 1980s, more recently seen, as here at the 2014 AEC Rally at Newark, in the colours of H E Payne, was photographed at Harrogate, fitted with some interesting lifting tackle on its platform body, as seen in our latest Road Haulage Archive title. It is interesting to speculate whether it will ever return to its original Co-op livery. These garage door remote for iphone ‘trucks' or ‘floats', depending on where you are in the country, were photographed on a visit to the cattle market situated off Alcester Road in Stratford-on-Avon, Warwickshire.



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