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The full history of the Jesse Ellis

Anniversary, branches were trading in Erith, Plumstead and Charlton, as well as further branches in Woolwich. Daily milk deliveries to householders was available, a bakery established and farmland purchased, where houses were later built and sold on generous mortgage garage door remote g2t 1 to members. Naturally, the society was entirely dependant on the horse as the only means of transport into the new century, and to a diminishing degree for the next 60 years. In 1903, however, 'progress' arrived, in the shape of an undertype 5 ton steam wagon, believed to have been the twentieth built by Jesse Ellis in Maidstone.

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A wonderful garage door remote g2t 1 of the signwriter's arts from around 1930, promoting the fifteen acre Commonwealth Buildings complex. This was shortly before the introduction of registration numbers in January 1904, when the vehicle was allocated the London plate 'A78'. The full history of the Jesse Ellis wagons can be found in Robert Whitehead's exhaustive history. Shareholders in the enterprise included three brothers from the Maidstone brewing dynasty, Fremlin's, Thomas Aveling, Richard Porter and John C Beadle of Dartford.

Two years later, another 5 ton Maidstone-built wagon, carrying the Maidstone, Kent registration, D 1688, arrived. Sadly the last of these wagons were built in 1907, the year the business failed, A 1931 AEC Majestic, GP 8249, from the CWS garage door remote g2t 1 with milk for the RACS. British Commercial Vehicle Museum Archive . A good example of the many Dennis vehicles supplied to the Society is this Lancet-based 4-tonner, GY 685, Fleet No 187, from around 1 Below: The French-built Latil Tractor, GN 5926, from around 19 National Co-operative Archive, Manchester Below The Tower House Building and former RACS store in Lewisham, pictured in February 2016, showing the wonderful art deco Latil.



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