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Among those made redundant was William Rose, who emigrated to America. The former dockyard site would 57 years garage door remote generic play an increasing role in the growth of the society as we shall see. By the time the society celebrated its 21st.

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The first internal combustion-engined vehicle to join the fleet, in 1909, was this French-built Mors, LD 6470, as illustrated in Motor Traction Magazine dated 12th March 1910, with the following caption. The company owns a powerful four cylinder Mors lorry and a Jesse Ellis steam wagon, both of which are in daily service. The former has been in regular use for over six months, during which garage door remote generic no serious failure has been recorded. The daily mileage is between 40 and 60, with half a day being set aside for overhaul and adjustments. Leaving Woolwich each morning, for the collection of goods and, after delivery at the chief depot, it carries another load to the various branches.

Some smaller car-derived Mors, fitted with rudimentary truck bodies, again with the characteristic shouldered radiator shown on this example, served with the British forces on the Western Front during World War l. Pictured at La Ferte-Sous-Joare, France in 1914, this typical example of a subsidy Hallford, registered in 1912, from the fleet of Robertsons Preserves Factory at Bellingham, Catford, next door to the Glennifer Laundry mentioned in the article, has obviously been taken straight from service. The original Paisley preserves factory appears to have favoured Leyland products during this period, but the London branch favoured the more locally-built product. The Catford factory closed in 1970 and, following several changes of ownership, 'Golden Shred' is now marketed by an American company. A Dennis subsidy A' Type 3-tonner, delivered in 1919 and carrying Fleet No 25, is seen garage door remote generic wooden crates at the preserve factory, situated in the Society-built Bostall Estate in Abbey Wood.



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