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Morris Commercial chassis formed the basis of

Just visible to the left is an Austin FE of J T Evans & Son of Worcester, also seen in a garage door remote genie in Vintage Roadscene issue 125, April 2010, but the main vehicles in shot are two BMC Diesel and Morris-badged FEs, probably 5-tonners, SFK 519 Worcester, 1957-8 , and YAC 817 Warwickshire, 1958 , in the livery of T Spiers Livestock Transport, of Reddinghurst, Claverdon, Warwickshire, which is unloading sheep. There are lots more great pictures like this in our ‘Scenes Past' pages. Ron Henderson looks at a popular type of early post-war ambulance. Owing to lengthy delivery dates in the early post-war years, Northumberland County Council had to place orders for new ambulances with various manufacturers, in an attempt to update its fleet.

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As well as Austin Welfarers and Bedfords, four of these smart and quite streamlined garage door remote genie CV11s with Wadhams ambulance bodies were bought. This one served at Gosforth, on the outskirts of Newcastle. Morris-Commercial chassis formed the basis of one of the most popular types of ambulance in the early post-war era. Following the success of the company's pre-war ambulances, the post-war range of chassis provided several choices for the newly-constituted NHS ambulance services, anxious to replace obsolete pre-war vehicles. The forward control PV chassis was a popular choice, in competition with Austin's K9 Welfarer, but these were produced during an era when long-bonneted normal control vehicles were preferred for ambulance work.

An example of this type was the four cylinder petrol-engined Morris-Commercial CV11/30 Equiload chassis, with an 11ft wheelbase, which was specially adapted for ambulance work, with wide extra low pressure tyres on disc wheels, available in standard and deluxe versions. Those bodied by Wadhams became one of the most widely-used ambulances in the early 1950s, with both municipal and government organisations. When the six cylinder NVS chassis, with 12ft wheelbase, was introduced in 1950, this became equally popular, as were subsequent models based on the later LC4, LC5 and similar Austin 301 chassis. A four cylinder diesel engined version of the LC5 was also available from 1 Morris-Commercial appointed four The City of Liverpool must have garage door remote genie almost all of its fleet in one go, for here is a line up of 20 Wadhams-bodied Morris-Commercials. The livery was cream with black mudguards and grille.



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