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Four days later the Society s Fleet Engineer reported that

the last known survivor belonging to Fremlins, which continued to deliver beer in Maidstone until 1 These steam wagons provided the only mechanical transport for a further four years, when the Society took delivery of a Paris-built 'Mors' in the autumn of 190 In a report in an edition of Motor Traction dated 12th garage door remote genie intellicode 1910, the vehicle is described as a powerful four cylinder and appears to have been a 28 hp three tonner. The report also mentions that the Society owned a Jesse Ellis wagon, so it would appear that only one of them remained in use by this date. Mors was famous for its large powerful cars, which won many of the early road races in Europe in the early 20th Century, but commercials featured until 1914, many based on the company's large cars. Andre Citroen reorganised the company in 1909 but, by 1919, had begun building cars under his own name in the same factory and the Mors name on cars had faded away by 1 By 1913, the Society had expanded its territory into South-west London and additional branches trading by this time included Sutton, Raynes Park, Wimbledon, Walworth, Peckham and Penge.

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With this rapid expansion further 'motors' were required. On 9th September 1913, Fodens garage door remote genie intellicode a 5 ton wagon from Sandbach, completion of which was delayed, as there is a record of a letter of apology from the company. Four days later, the Society's Fleet Engineer reported that everything was in order, except the boiler leaking in two places and the regulator being incorrectly fitted. However, authority was given to pay the account, but also to contact Fodens regarding the defects. The Society had established a well-equipped coachworks at Woolwich, to build the many horse-drawn wagons, hand carts and construct bodywork for the 'motors'.

Three Scammell mechanical horses, including 1935-built BXV 815 and CGO A Fordson BB Luton van BLC 974 London, 1934 , fleet no 222, of the RACS Furnishing Department, seen in March 1 A Fordson AA van, AXH 801 London, 1934 , garage door remote genie intellicode no 210, used by the RACS Laundry Service, seen in July 1 On 14th November 1913, Daimler contacted the Society, regarding a 10 cwt chassis which was ready and enquired whether delivery would be taken in Coventry or Woolwich; naturally, the latter was requested. Shortly after the vehicle entered the fleet, gross overloading on the rear axle led to an engineers report stating that, during its first fortnight's service, the rear wheels had worn half-way through the mudguards! A request to the manager of the Peckham Rye Branch to investigate these problems was made. A Dartford-built Hallford was also in service by this time but, in November of 1913, a number of unspecified faults were reported, which Halls put right for a fitting charge of ?6 10s, which the Society haggled over, leading to a reduction to ?4, with Halls stating it was not implying obligation. This vehicle was used by the butchery department, which reported a satisfactory result. Despite these minor problems the Society requested a quote from the makers, J&E Hall, on 29th December 1913, for both a 2 ton and a 3 ton chassis.



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