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By the middle of January Fodens

The quotation had been received by 5th January 1914, giving a price of ?498 for the light chassis and ?570 for the three tonner. The garage door remote genie pro was chosen and the Society's Works Department was instructed to proceed in building a suitable body. A few days later, the order was amended to include chain guards, at extra cost. In February, the Fleet Engineer was instructed to examine and test the Hallford under full load and power, and accept delivery if found satisfactory.

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He reported that, under full load, the trial was in every way satisfactory and it was resolved to issue a cheque to Halls for ?596 in accordance with the terms of the contract. Concurrent with all this activity Foden was asked to quote for a further 5 ton wagon, complete with a 3 ton trailer, while alternative quotes were also to be sought. By the middle of January, Fodens had garage door remote genie pro giving a price of ?475, but with an extended delivery of 14 weeks, with which the Society was obviously unimpressed. Instructions were therefore issued to contact a representative from William Allchin of Northampton, founded in 1847, which had been building steam wagons since 19 The last Allchin wagon left the works in 1931, by which time, just 256 had been built .

By 20th January, Allchin had submitted a quote of ?465, a ?10 saving, but also offered an impressive one month's delivery. The Society, in accordance with the aims of the movement, concluded that the tender would be accepted, providing the wages and conditions of the supplier's employees and the workmanship of the chassis were all satisfactory. This was swiftly followed by a delegation from Woolwich travelling to Northampton on a Saturday morning, to visit the garage door remote genie pro Works, which reported back favourably. The makers recommended that an extra hind wheel should be included, which was agreed to, for an additional ? By mid-March, the 5 ton wagon, Works No 186, was in Woolwich and, after the fleet engineer was satisfied with its performance 'under working conditions', the invoice for ? 10 was settled.



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