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In late Appleyard introduced a new prototype

From 1948, the service was free, which still appertains to this day. Another firm not on Morris-Commercials approved list, but providing ambulances on these chassis, was the Cunard Commercial Body Building Co Ltd, of Wembley, which also supplied ambulances to Middlesex County Council. These ambulances featured side garage door remote goes up but not down to the patient compartment as well as double rear doors. The seating arrangements on these consisted of a stretcher mounted on the nearside, while on the offside there was a full-length locker provided, with hinged covers on which five patients could sit.

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An attendant's seat at the front had runners to allow for a second stretcher to be carried in cases of emergencies. Hampshire Car Bodies also constructed ambulance bodies on Morris-Commercial chassis for Middlesex County Council. In late1951, Appleyard introduced a new prototype ambulance on Morris-Commercial's six cylinder NVS chassis, sending it around the country, giving demonstrations to various health authorities. Two standard ambulance bodies were offered; one designed to carry two This early Leeds City Morris-Commercial featured a 999 registration. In the days before wheeled garage door remote goes up but not down trolleys, on arrival at hospital, ambulance crews had to seek a steel skeleton frame trolley upon which to place the poles and canvas Furley stretcher, before wheeling the whole unit, complete with patient, into the department.

Wolsingham Steel Company, Tow Law, County Durham and was still in service at the plant in the mid-1970s. One of the few survivors, this Morris-Commercial LC4 with Appleyard ambulance bodywork was bought with subscriptions by the workers of stretcher cases, with the option of a further two, using a special removable frame work, at a cost of ? The other type, costing ?645, was designed to transport 11 sitting cases, or one stretcher patient in cases of emergencies. There were three tubular framed single seats on the nearside and four double seats on the offside. The folding emergency stretcher could be accommodated on the seats by folding the seat garage door remote goes up but not down down and making a platform. The stretcher ambulance had double doors at the rear, with single rear door for the sitting case version, plus an additional side door at the front of the patient compartment on the nearside.



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