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For heavier loads a number of handsome AEC Matador or

Note the remains of the Albion Pub, seen rebuilt in a 1970s picture with the next part of the garage door remote hack All that was left of the New Cross store, next to the Woolworths store, after the V2 tragedy on 25th November 1 shops serving the community alongside the same competitors. A most interesting addition to the transport fleet in 1930 was a French-built Latil tractor unit, GN 5 This vehicle was immortalised, along with a locomotive and a ship, on the frontage of the wonderful art deco 'Tower House' Department Store at Lewisham Clock Tower opened in 1 The vehicle and frontage are shown on page Although it has long ceased to be a Co-op, the building survives. The introduction of the Scammell Mechanical Horse in September 1933 soon proved very popular with the railway companies and the RACS soon became a customer as well, with at least two purchases in 1935, BXV 815 and CGO 63, also seen on page The London Society LCS , however, favoured the Karrier Cob.

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As mentioned in my article on the Society's coach fleet, eight 1927 Dennis coaches on the 50 cwt chassis, which quickly became obsolete, were converted to lorries for the transport fleet by 1931, and no doubt served a much longer spell on these duties. Several Fords, including a Model AA for the laundry fleet and a BB for furnishing, joined the fleet in the early 1930s, but with the introduction of the Bedford WT range in late 1933, the Luton product began to dominate, carrying everything from groceries to coal. For heavier loads, a number of handsome AEC Matador or garage door remote hack box vans were also purchased. A daily scene in Hare Street, Woolwich, around 1924, with traffic queuing for the Free Ferry.

A Bullnose Morris is nearest the camera, with a ‘Baby Austin’ further down. The unknown lorry, LC 4197, garage door remote hack to Weston & Westall, an old-established London Salt and Soda Merchant. The Home & Colonial Grocery Store at Nos 29-31 was later occupied by the RACS. Home & Colonial Joined forces with the Maypole Dairy Company and Liptons, to form Allied Suppliers which, in pre-supermarket days, was one of our largest grocers. H&C's founder, Julius Drewe, made his fortune selling tea and, along with his successful chain of shops, it enabled him to commission the building of the last castle in England, Castle Drogo, at Drewsteignton in Devon, now owned by the National Trust.



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