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A new Ford Consul Mk I was bought in 1953, a Zephyr Mk II in 1958 and a Zephyr 4 Mk III in 1 This latter car was ordered from a dealer in Reading and Frank asked that it be registered in Oxfordshire, so that it would bear a registration with an 'A' suffix, newly introduced in Oxfordshire at that time garage door remote has short range 1963 . The dealer, however, had other ideas, because there was a local campaign to have an extra registration mark allocated to the County Borough of Reading and he wanted as many registrations there to back up this campaign as possible. Frank backed down and the car was allocated a Reading registration. After retiring, he bought a Volvo 144 automatic, only giving up driving in his early 90s after a slight altercation with a Reading bus and 'before I hurt anybody' He died in 1990, aged My father and I were not interested in carrying on the business and opted for quiet lives in the Civil Service instead.

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Finally, amongst Frank's family albums were found two views of a typical 1920s motor establishment, 'Binn's Garage' offering 'cars for hire, repairs and accumulators charged' Perhaps it was where Frank Wilkins bought his cars during the 1920s and '30s, or had them repaired or serviced, but the location is unknown. Does any reader have any idea where this may have been? It is more than likely in Oxfordshire or Berkshire -any ideas to the editor, please. Binn's Garage, a typical motor garage in the 1920s style but where was it? According to the SD Enthusiast's Club, no Motor Panels-cabbed NY, or NX Series Shelvoke & Drewry municipal chassis from the 1970s had survived into preservation. Aside from the garage door remote has short range and unsuccessful 'E-type' from 1938, it was the only class of SD chassis that was extinct.

But that situation has now changed. Following a tip-off from the Island of Malta, where many old British commercials were exported for a second life, one has been found. Malcolm Bates was one of the first to welcome it 'Home'. Above and Not bad for a forty-something! Although needing some refurbishment, this garage door remote has short range SD NY-Series 50 cubic yard Revopak is the only known surviving example in running order. Unless ‘Vintage Roadscene' readers know otherwise, that is! Remember that TV series 'Life on Mars'? Of course you do.



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