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Whatever the actual reason behind the 'going back in time' theme, I can't help thinking the success of the series was more related to the fact that by transporting us back to before the days of rampant 'PC-speak, 'Elf and Safety' legislation and the fear that any references to how someone looks, or where they came from might end up in court, the creators could write a storyline that was more true-to-life than they could ever have got away with, if the whole thing were set in the present day. In other words, it was a great way of getting around all the current 'sensitivities' that we have to watch out garage door remote has to be close to door After all, in real life, we don't all get along without hurling abuse at each other, do we? And some people hold views that others might not agree with? That's what you get from living in a democracy.

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Get over it. But whatever we actually think, it's often best not to let on a tough job, what with me being a journalist an' all. Because I'm supposed to be 'impartial,' too. It garage door remote has to be close to door here.

This might help explain the growing popularity of gritty new garage door remote has to be close to door set in the 1960s and '70s, the remakes of old films and the constant re-showing of high speed car chases from 'The Sweeney' and 'The Professionals' on daytime TV. The streetscenes are packed with interest even though some of the more direct social references of the day have sometimes been mysteriously edited-out! 'Nostalgia'might be what Vintage Roadscene is all about, but 'going back in time' might be a mixed blessing. Did everyone really smoke that much? Did I really wear that shirt? And did we all really think a prawn cocktail, a steak with all-the-trimmings and a slab of Black Forest gateaux was the pinnacle of seduction techniques back in the 1970s? Er. On a vehicle-related front, we could conclude that, even though 'foreign' imports were already chipping away at British manufacturer's market share figures, very few people would have foreseen 'a future' where, in less than their working lifetime, there would no longer be a British-owned 'vehicle' manufacturer left in the UK, aside from Morgan and, at a pinch, JCB. The business end.



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