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The cream van on the garage door remote has weak signal between the buses belongs to Booths Dry Gin, while the lorry next to the ‘Brylcreem' STL carries a Dennis badge on the tailboard, offering Dennis genuine spares phone Brixton 6 An example of a Wigan-built Pagefield operated by Wandsworth Borough Council and dating from the mid-1920s. Many Councils favoured this early example of full for empty wheeled skip wagons. As mentioned earlier, the Society still had faith in the products of Star of Wolverhampton. We find, on 13th August 1919, that one chassis on order was still delayed, with the promise on 24th of the month, that one vehicle would be available the following week, leaving three others outstanding.

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This unsatisfactory situation prompted correspondence between the Society and Star's Managing Director, Mr Lisle. The Society considered a reduction of the outstanding order, to a total of three, at a cost of ?700 less 15%. The Star company, however, was unwilling to meet this demand and stated that the discount of 15% could only be offered on the full order of four vehicles, and that any reduction would reduce the discount allowance to 10%, at which point the Society agreed to the original contract. A further vehicle disposal in November 1919 was the Allchin 5 ton steam wagon purchased in 1914, at an original garage door remote has weak signal ? 10, which was sold to a Mr Tickner of 12 Clyde Street, Deptford SE8, for ?6 The mobile shop in Evelyn Street, Deptford.

At this time, at least one Hallford remained with the Society, as its Fleet No It was involved in an accident in July 1919, the same month as steamer, Fleet No A few days later, a 3 ton Foden steamer, Fleet No 9, received a new firebox, fitted by H C Bauley, of Bow, E3, a long established Foden agent, for. A further intriguing sale concerned an old company car, to a Mr Smith of Charlton, also in July. The car was recorded as a 'Planet' and, referring to Nick Georgano's 1968 'Complete Encyclopaedia of Motor Cars' the only garage door remote has weak signal listed was an assembled job, built in Clapham, London between 1904/5 and available as a two cylinder 12 hp or four cylinder 24 hp. How the Morris Commercial ‘C' Type mobile shop, AKP 113, purchased by the Society in 1944, looked when new. It was posed at the ‘Tudor Cottage’, Eynsford still standing with a school boy being served.



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