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The final lorry to join

The 1950 Commer, probably a Superpoise S4, EBW 219 Oxfordshire, 1949 , again pictured in the yard around 1 The 1964 Bedford TK diesel, DBW 168B Oxfordshire, 1964 , to right of centre in this picture showing part of the yard and the fleet in the mid-1960s, including a Bedford CA van. The TK had a five speed crash gearbox fitted, the choice of its regular driver. One of Frank Wilkins' Talbots, London-registered GW 2658, showing Frank and his wife with Frank looking a bit glum! and Graham's father, garage door remote hbw1255 about 16, which would date the photo to around 1936 although the car probably dated from 1931 or 1 It was a Talbot 14/45, with the six cylinder engine.

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The first diesel lorry was purchased in 1964, a Bedford TK. Frank drove it home himself from the coachbuilders in Reading at the age of about 71 with no trouble! The final lorry to join the fleet was a second-hand Austin FGK, with the 'threepenny bit cab', however, no picture of it is known to have survived. Frank Wilkins also used small car-derived vans as general runabouts and I remember a pre-war Morris 8 van, garage door remote hbw1255 to a local garage who wanted the engine to install in a Morris 8 Tourer, which was being restored, then a Fordson E494C, similarly bequeathed to my brother, to provide spare parts for his E93A Ford Popular, followed by a Ford 300E. Possibly the last of the Clynos owned by Frank Wilkins, an 9 hp model, with the family having a picnic around 1932, with Graham's father in the foreground.

One of Frank Wilkins' Morrises, a Ten Series II of around 1937, Berkshire-registered JB 7658, pictured in 1949 with the author standing on the running board and clinging onto the door handle! I spent many hours in these vans during my school holidays, accompanying Frank on his rounds to various properties in the Henley and South Oxfordshire areas, waiting for him while he took tea with the ladies of the houses, after giving estimates for house moves or measuring up for carpets, curtains or similar. Various Bedford CA vans were also used by the garage door remote hbw1255 after Frank had relinquished this role in his later years. Frank Wilkins retired in 1968, having sold the shops a few years earlier, with the removal and storage business passing to C & G Ayres of Reading, who traded from the same premises in Henley as 'Wilkins Henley Ltd', as do the company's current owners, John Miles and his family. The old yard is about to close and be redeveloped and the business is to move to new premises on the edge of town. On the private car front, Frank apparently owned a number of Clynos during the 1920s, Talbots during the 1930s and Morrises during the 1940, as seen in the pictures.



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