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Replacements for the fuel department continued in the latter part of the year with three more garage door remote help plus a Commer from Rootes in Maidstone for ? The Links Store on Plumstead Common in Feburary 2016, the bay window in the centre can be seen in both views, taken almost 100 years apart. This was the period when hundreds of V1 Doodlebugs and later the deadly V2 rockets were aimed at the capital with both property and the Society's own employees suffering dreadfully. The Mitcham depot was damaged by a V1 in July 1944, leading to a request from Messrs Falvey and Aldred for authority to purchase replacement vehicles for those destroyed.

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A 1939 3 ton Commer box van was available from Rootes, Maidstone, for ?540, followed in February 1945 by a Commer 25 cwt at ?285, less 10%. Worse was to follow; on August 5th a V1crashed into the Lordship Lane, Camberwell branch, killing four women employees and 19 others, many of them queuing for a tram outside the shop. The Evelyn Street, Deptford store was also destroyed around this time and, in September, the Society's Dry Goods Manager was instructed to negotiate with the neighbouring Dartford Society DICS , for the purchase of a travelling shop. The vehicle, new in December 1933, AKP 113, on a Morris Commercial 'C' Type chassis, had garage door remote help enjoyed a more peaceful time travelling the leafy lanes of the beautiful Darenth Valley, but would henceforth travel in the midst of wholesale destruction, in the Deptford and New Cross areas, as seen on page This purchase was very timely, as a far worse incident occurred at 26 pm, on Saturday, 25th November 1 At that precise moment, a V2 landed on the packed Woolworth stores in New Cross Road, also destroying the neighbouring RACS store with two employees killed and causing over 160 deaths aged between 1 month and 80 years and mass destruction, making it the most deadly of the whole V weapon campaign. The road outside being the main A2 from London, was also very busy at the time and a passing London-bound 'LT' class AEC Renown, on the 53a, was totally destroyed, together with an army lorry adding to the death toll.

He spent half a life time in developing the perfect snow vehicle and ensuring the business became the world leader it is today. The Bedford WTL on its travels, with the driver taking a cigarette break. Note the roof rack being put to good use! The 1948 Austin K4 5 ton lorry, JXR 421 London, 1948 , pictured in the yard around 1 This had been extended at some point during its life by 5 or 6 feet with an insert to the chassis and Luton van body, to provide extra capacity. With Henry Wilkins dying in 1946, aged around After World War II, in around 1948, an Austin K4 5 ton lorry was purchased then, in 1949 or 1950, a Commer chassis for a new lorry was ordered from a local dealer, but when the registration to be allocated was found to be 'DUD', Frank promptly cancelled the order and placed another with a different dealer, elsewhere in Oxfordshire, after being told the registration would be 'EBW'. Another Austin lorry followed in 1951, a K I travelled in this van a number of times during my school holidays and remember, on one occasion, when the speedometer was not working, that the driver told me he could tell when he had reached 30 mph, as the draught up his trouser leg had reached his knee! The garage door remote help Austin K8 with coachbuilt Luton van body,, FBW 2 Oxfordshire, 1951 , taken around 1964 in the yard with my younger brother, aged 8, ‘at the controls'! To the right of the van can be seen the hand operated petrol pump that was in use for many years.



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