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The future vehicle policy of the

An order was then placed for a further three Stars, with a deposit of ?10 each paid, and in further correspondence, a change of tyre size to be fitted from 815x105 to 820x120, was agreed at an additional cost of ?6 per vehicle. lt appears that delays to the promised delivery date prompted a suggestion that the Fleet Engineer and two others form a deputation to the Wolverhampton Works, as a surprise, to examine work on the motors on order! The quality of the vehicles however must have been acceptable, as further orders were placed in 1919 but, again, deliveries were fraught with difficulties, as we will see. Also in September 1914, it was minuted that the Assistant Fleet Manager recommended the disposal of the Jesse Ellis Steam Wagon, as it was of no further use, and he was instructed to obtain the best price available. Moving on to the early post-war period, we discover that, in June 1919, an old garage door remote holder van was offered at auction, but not sold.

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An offer of ?70 from the Eastern Motor Wagon Company was received in October. This company had, prior to the war, supplied garage door remote holder steam wagons on contract hire to Trumans the Brewers. The future vehicle policy of the Society and, indeed, many others in the country for the next decade, favoured Dennis. An order was placed for eight 3 ton Dennis 'A' types in late July 1 The total quoted price was ? 10, less 11%%, with instructions given to the Works Foreman to build bodies 'of the usual type'. By the following month, Dennis Bros advised an increase in price, no doubt due to galloping post-war inflation.

These duly entered service later in the year, with one joining the Butchery Department carrying the registration, LT 8 A lovely‘Real Photo’postcard of Blackfriars Bridge, taken almost certainly in the summer of 1 The plane trees are in full leaf to the left and in the queue, a 1920s Dennis from the butchery department of the Society is seen heading for Smithfield. Approaching us is a fairly new'STL’on route 76, and behind a Vauxhall25hp‘G’ Series saloon, a model introduced in August 1936, passes an NS class bus. The last of these left daily service in the capital on 30th November 1 Also in view can be seen a Wigan-built Pagefield refuse wagon, returning to the garage door remote holder of the river, having discharged its load probably into a barge bound for the Essex marshes. Wandsworth, Southwark and Lambeth councils all used this system. I rather suspect that the blurred Ford 10 Model 'C' streaking past has been added to an otherwise wonderful photo.



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