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With the serious restrictions imposed by the war on unessential

The 3 ton Hallford purchased in February had been supplied under the Government's 'Subsidy Scheme', Halls being one of the seven certified manufacturers the others at this date were Dennis, Karrier, Maudslay, Leyland, Thornycroft and garage door remote home depot . With war declared on 4th August 1914, it took just 11 days for this vehicle to be commandeered, with military personnel arriving at the Society's depot on Saturday, 15th August. They issued a payment of ?642, in accordance with the scheme. This specified that the War Department would pay the current value less depreciation, plus 25%, the original price paid being ? Many of the vehicles commandeered travelled to Southampton or Avonmouth for embarkation.

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All owners registered under the scheme were to receive three days notice of commandeering. As the Society's minutes which have been examined only refer to a Hallford chassis, did the Society have time to remove the body, as many of those taken during this period went as they were. With the serious restrictions imposed by the war on unessential vehicles for non-military purposes, it is surprising to find that the Society conducted an exhaustive costing exercise in September 1914 of horse versus motor. This Looking brand new, this Bedford WLG, fleet no 246, with its stylishly finished and signwritten | Luton van body for the pharmacy department, was photographed in May 1 I All these stills are taken from a 1990s Channel 4 documentary. They were captured during a procession through Woolwich, organised by the Woolwich & District Peace Council, and supported by the Co-operative movement in July 1 garage door remote home depot was at the height of the Spanish Civil War, Mussolini's occupation of Abyssinia and Hitler's relentless rise.

We can see a Bedford WTL and AEC, a 1920s Dennis passing an AEC with a Peace Banner visible, a Bedford WS Box van and WTL coal lorry, with an ‘ST' Class Regent caught up in the procession, and a brand new Bedford WTL coal lorry, EGP 683, and another AEC. calculated that deliveries made with a Daimler lorry, with interest, depreciation, petrol, repairs and wages for a man and boy, worked at ? 3s 6d against a pair horse van, with feed, stabling, depreciation and wages for a man and boy calculated at ?5 2s or ?3 8s for a single horse van. This saving could be achieved with eight motors versus sixteen horses. Following this up, the Society instructed the Fleet Engineer to recommend a suitable 10 cwt vehicle. He garage door remote home depot Belsize of Manchester or Star of Wolverhampton, the latter supplying a demonstration van which, by 18th September 1914, had been purchased.



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