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The Revopak featured a continuous-action moving Yake, on a hydraulically-controlled elliptical pattern hopper sweep path, with fixed tines to compact the load. The design was a major sales success. The inspection crew: SD Enthusiast Club members, Duncan Law ex-Waltham Forest Council , Peter Johnston, chairman of McCreath Taylor NI Limited, Brian Carpenter SD Enthusiast's Club , and Matt McRoberts McCreath Taylor . Leyland might have started a process that would rub-out famous brands such as Guy, Albion and eventually AEC and even Scammell, but at the time, it didn't seem such a bad an idea if Chrysler took an ever larger stake in Rootes did it? After all, there were still quintessential British 'Guvnor's Motors', like Foden and ERF and every company car park was still stuffed with British-built Hillmans, garage door remote jk jeep or Fords for the sales reps, while the bosses and junior managers had their Humbers, Jags or flash new Rover and Triumph 2000s.

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How wrong we were. What were you doing at the start of 'The Seventies'? What cars, buses and commercials were you likely to see on the streets? What did you drive? Me? I had an MG Magnette in the early 1970s, but various MGBs, Triumph TR4s, Lotus Cortinas and Elans by the end of the decade. garage door remote jk jeep are they all now? Our memories sometimes play tricks on us when recalling such matters, but mine has just received a 'Life on Mars' moment. No, it wasn't so much a case of "Fire up the Quattro, Eugene,” as "Fire-up the Revopak, Chris. ” Yes, that really is a Ford D-Series steering wheel the SD logo was stuck over the top at the factory when new! Power steering wasn't standard.

Y'see, I'm in the yard of TransThomas near Bath and along with other members of the SD Enthusiast Club, I've just laid my eyes on an NY-Series Revopak refuse collector for the first time since. Well, if not as far back as 1973/4 when the NY and NX series garage door remote jk jeep production at Shelvoke & Drewry were I was employed as publicity manager , then certainly since the last survivors working with smaller rural councils in the UK were replaced by new P-Series SD chassis or, God forbid, Seddon Atkinsons, or Dennis vehicles, decades ago. Matt McRoberts scales the crew steps. He used to service N-Series Revopaks for a living, as McCreath Taylor was once the SD distributor for Northern Ireland and Scotland. My day started early with a trip from Bedfordshire down to Southampton to pick-up Brian Carpenter and the other club members who, the day before, had been over to the Isle of Wight, to ride in the ex-Salvage Squad-restored PN Revopak, which Steve Jones had rescued from the Isles Of Scilly.



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