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It's a good job sheep are agile creatures. More evidence of the increasing distance animals were being moved by road,even in the early 1960s, with this TS3 diesel-powered Commer OX 235 AKR Kent, 1957 , of S & A Bowen, ‘Cattle Conveyors', of Knockholt, Kent, also seen at Midland Marts' Banbury Stock Yard. Apparently the garage door remote key fobs fairs were held on Tuesdays, with the cattle markets on Thursdays. This picture did not print very well in issue 132, so here it is again.

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Seen unloading pigs, probably at Banbury, is Oldhams' Morris-Commercial FV Series I, JUE 290 Warwickshire, 1950 , fleet no 32, sporting a 'Diesel' badge on the grille, but with its paintwork looking a little 'dull'. The lorry in this shot, another which was printed too dark in issue 132, taken at Stratford, is a bit of a mystery. garage door remote key fobs by Edgar W Newman, of Hill Furze, Farm, Fladbury, Worcestershire, registered in that county, as NAB 741 in 1954, it has Austin, Perkins and AA badges on the grille panel of its unusual cab. The aluminium-panelled body carries two ‘Carmichael and Sons Ltd' badges, so perhaps this company also built the cab but why? Does any reader have any suggestions? I couldn't resist using this one again, originally in issue Taken at Banbury, the picture shows a fascinating rarity, called ‘Welsh Rambler', a long-lived 1938 Bristol L5G, BET 350, once a Rotherham Corporation single-deck bus, withdrawn in 1950, obviously rebuilt for further service with this rather square cab and three-deck body, operated by ‘Livestock Removers' Aspin's of Oldham had it really come all the way from Lancashire? , plus a Bedford OL, KXV 698 London, 1950 , of Limbrick & Ferris, of Burford, Oxfordshire, and an ERF, KMA 523 Cheshire, 1948 of H Hearn & Sons, of Chesham, Buckinghamshire and a lot of sheep. A couple of interesting related vehicles now: this Morris J Type van, RWD 157 Warwickshire, 1955 , of Oldhams of Barford, was fitted out as an office inside, with a raised roof and a lifting hatch at the rear.

In front is E W Watts' office, based on JVP 417 Birmingham, 1949 , coachbuilt on a Standard car chassis if the hubcaps are anything to go by, as seen in a similar shot. Below: Just to show the close relationship between different aspects of agricultural haulage, here is E W Watts' BMC diesel-powered Austin FE or 502, SNX 202 Warwickshire, 1955 , with an alloy dropside body, well-loaded with milk garage door remote key fobs A Morris Oxford half-ton van, PWD 354 can just be seen, peeping round the corner, in the driveway to the operator's Bassetts Pole Garage. Two official company photographs showing DKN 45, Fleet No 354, in partial Chatham & District livery, after being transferred from Maidstone & District in January 1937, without being operated by the parent fleet. It was a Bristol GO5G, with Weymann H24/24R bodywork.



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