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The lack of a new narrow track cab

This four-axle chassis features a Boughton hooklift. Also part of the Rees brothers 'Classic Binlorry Collection' is this early Seddon Atkinson 200 with Norba body. It and a GRP-cabbed garage door remote keychain await restoration. Left and top Left: Here is the comparison between the prototype NY/NX cab with deeper screen and taller door, the vehicle in the older picture being the prototype 14ton NX Revopak, and the later production version in the shape of the ex-Malta NY Revopak.

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Note also the lack of badge on the front grill on the prototype. This formed part of a removable radiator filler cap, but kept getting lost. The lack of a new narrow track cab for the NN using Motor Panels pressings, seriously garage door remote keychain SD's 'family' look and made it difficult to design a corporate range brochure. Our Malcolm got over this by hiding the NN models in a long line-up of NY and NX chassis! The SD drawing office never did get around to producing an up-dated NN cab and the factory soldiered-on with a modified TN cab complete with outdated divided screen, until replaced by the tilt-cab PN.

However, the cab doors on the Seddons had a narrower step the new 16ton NY and 14ton NX garage door remote keychain were to feature a internal flight of three steps where most lorry cabs had a 'mate's' seat and the idea was for this to be wide enough for the crew to walk in and step out forwards. This was the key feature of the design, so a 'wide-door' design was critical. Sadly, this lead to skimping in other areas, meaning the cab wasn't strong enough to tilt a major failing. The cab roof was only a single GRP panel, so it had raw matting visible from the unlined 'ceiling'. And the entire crew was to be located on a simple, flat, thinly-padded bench, on top of a full-width tool box at a higher level than the driver's seat.



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