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Yet this sole surviving example

Is it 1973/4, or 2016? All the garage door remote keyless entry have come flooding back. How the prototypes looked so bland. How the front grill panel had to be redesigned.

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And how I got into trouble by suggested the revised front end still lacked any 'style'. The NY cab was so structurally weak, it was even sometimes difficult for the crew to open or shut the cab doors, when parked on a steep camber. Yet this sole surviving example still works perfectly after all this time. My goodness, the cab garage door remote keyless entry is crude but as I was lectured at the time, a binwagon cab was for the loaders to travel in out of the rain. "If we give them too much comfort, they won't want to work,” I was reminded Changing social values, eh? You couldn't say that today.

Even if it were true! "What do you want to do then?” asked a voice, breaking through my thought processes. It was Chris Thomas. Chris has been given the job of checking out the condition of the NY. The actual owner, Aled Rees, co-director of local waste and garage door remote keyless entry contractor GWR Recycling, was on his way over to the TransThomas yard in his modern Mercedes 'Econic'. to give us the full story of his restoration plans and, indeed, his ideas for a National Waste Industry Vehicle Museum, to house his growing collection, but I couldn't hold back any longer.



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