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Many farmers continue to run their own

CHC abe039 Below: The driver appears to be about to lower the tailboard of this later Commer OX Diesel, 950 GBH Buckinghamshire, 1958 , in the livery of Brazier Bro's, as it garage door remote keypad at home depot on the front, of Granborough, Bletchley, Buckinghamshire. The smart and stylish body contrasts with the missing badge on the cab. Behind is an Albion Chieftain, with a Northamptonshire registration ‘KBD.

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' of S Payne, of Syresham in that county. Smart-looking and presumably nearly new note the long-range fuel tank, pity we can't see the number plate this late-model diesel-powered Bedford S Type, with a Jennings badge mid-way on the bodyside, seen at Banbury, belonged to Kenneth Beeston Farms Ltd, of Netley Hall, near Shrewsbury. Many farmers continue to run their own lorries in connection with their main business which, of course, upsets some other hauliers. It's pigs now, but we're presumably back at Stratford market, with all the buyers and sellers plus members of their families around the auctioneer, along with Thornycroft Sturdy, FAC 537 Warwickshire, 1946 , of E W Watts Haulage Ltd, based at Bassetts Pole, near garage door remote keypad at home depot Coldfield. When Commercial Motor visited this company and the cattle markets seen here, around 1960, along with Oldhams and Bowles, Watts was among the larger companies involved in livestock movements in this area which, at that time, might have been termed the ‘West Midlands' or perhaps The Midlands, West of Birmingham.

We seem to have mainly glimpses and rear views of the lorries of Bowles Transport Ltd, of Ford, near Cheltenham, like this one at Banbury, with a cow trotting off the ramp of a Bedford S Type. The cattle box is again bolted down to the basic platform body, just in case transport requirements change in what could be a fickle market. Another rear view, this time of a vehicle being washed out, before being re-loaded. This is a Thornycroft Sturdy, with the later Motor Panels cab, of Arthur Hunt, of Studley, Warwickshire. As well as the cattle box bolted down to the platform body, we can see the corrugated second floor of the two-deck transporter, folded up against the inside of the garage door remote keypad at home depot



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