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Two fine line ups of British

In the background is an older Commer Superpoise, KUE 786 Warwickshire, 1950 of T Peel, of Kineton in that county. At the risk of using too many rear views, this one shows, in the centre, two men letting down the ramp at the rear of HDG 591, a 1948 Gloucester registration, possibly a Thornycroft. These ramps usually had a spring-loaded counterbalance, to make this job a bit easier, but still one of the physically arduous parts of the job of driving livestock lorries, even garage door remote keypad click it

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There are at least four lorries lined up unloading sheep, including one of E W Watts', one of Arthur Hunt's, with two of Bowles' Bedford S Types, including UDD 166 Gloucestershre, 1957 , and two BMC FEs in the background as well. An impressive line-up of mainly wooden-bodied sheep floats with, from right to left, an unlettered Morris-Commercial FV Series I, PRA 168 Derbyshire, 1951 , an Austin K4, FWD 672 Warwickshire, 1947-8 , a wartime Bedford OY, HDG 591 Warwickshire, 1948-9 , fleet no 18 of Bowles Transport Ltd, of Ford, near Cheltenham, a Thames Trader Mk I, UDD 162 Gloucester 1958-9 , of G G Gilder, of Winchcombe a name recognised in livestock haulage today a Thornycroft Sturdy, ENX 524 Warwickshire, 1945-6 , of E W Watts of Bassetts Pole, an early Bedford TA, NUE 111 Warwickshire, 1953 , a diesel Bedford S Type of Venvell & Sons probably the one seen above , a Perkins-powred Bedford O Type, JAB 445 Worcestershire, 1950 of F G Tansell & Son, of Peopleton, Worcestershire, an Austin FE with no BMC diesel badge , UNP 812 Worcestershire, 1958 , of J T Evans & Son, Worcester, another Bedford TA, OWD 252 Warwickshire, 1953 , a 1956 Worcestershire-registered normal control Austin 302 and a Leyland Comet, HAB 208 Worcestershire, 1949 of Randall Bros, the only lorry without a livestock body. Two fine line-ups of British lorries, photographed at Stratford market. Here are a diesel-powered Bedford TA, RUE 822 Warwickshire, 1955 , of Long Compton Transport of Shipston-on-Stour, an Albion Chieftain of E W Watts, a later diesel Bedford S Type, TDG 438 Gloucestershire, 1957 of J H Venvell & Sons, of Enstone, Oxon, a Commer OX diesel, MMW 91 Wiltshire, 1955 , of A E George & Sons, of Bruton, Somerset, a later Commer OX, with chrome grille and bumper, UFK 746 Worcester, 1958 , a Leyland Comet, LUD 125 Oxfordshire, 1957 , of Venvell and a Bedford S Type, PBM 851 Bedfordshire, 1955 , of A C G Styles of garage door remote keypad click it Buzzard. This Leyland Hippo 6 x 4, OBW 117 Oxfordshire, 1959 , appeared on the cover of the April 2010 Vintage Roadscene, being unloaded, without the rails erected for the third deck, as seen here, presumably ready for a return load of more sheep, requiring more space.

The Hippo was photographed at Banbury. It was operated by J H Venvell & Sons, Livestock contractors of Enstone, Oxon or Oxfordshire which had an office at Bicester as well. Also seen in a couple of the shots in the April 2010 issue was this older Leyland Beaver fourwheeler, JWT 624 West Riding, 1949 , of Robison garage door remote keypad click it of Triangle, near Halifax note the still smart lining out of the cab and wooden body after ten years or so in service which had come down from the North, as longer movements of animals like this transferred from British Railways at this time. This has the rails for its third deck raised here, as sheep can be seen being unloaded. CHCaav728 Here's an interesting shot of another unidentified four-wheeler, showing how the ramps to the second and third decks of the cattle lorry to carry more sheep were arranged for loading, with sections of the floors swinging down for access.



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