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The transport of live animals has come under fire from animals' rights activists and others in recent years, but this has garage door remote keypad opener been directed at long distance movements, notably international transport. The sort of livestock vehicles we are looking at here were used for far more local movements, to and from markets and, of course, abattoirs, which usually served a relatively small area. Of course, everybody had a far more relaxed attitude to animal welfare in days gone by, in much the same way as 'Health and Safety' wasn't yet even a 'gleam in the eye' of some bright spark. The vehicles seen here and in those previous issues were mainly middle-weights, with the usual bias towards Bedford, BMC, Commer and so on, with the occasional Leyland or other.

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These cattle ‘trucks' or ‘floats', depending on where you are in the country, were photographed on a visit to the cattle market situated off Alcester Road in Stratford-on-Avon, Warwickshire. Just visible to the left is an Austin FE of J T Evans & Son of Worcester, also seen in a line-up in Vintage Roadscene issue 125, April 2010, but the main vehicles in shot are two BMC Diesel and Morris-badged FEs, probably 5-tonners, SFK 519 Worcester, 1957-8 , and YAC 817 Warwickshire, 1958 , in the livery of T Spiers Livestock Transport, of Reddinghurst, Claverdon, Warwickshire, which is unloading sheep. To the rear, behind the chap in the sheepskin jacket remember when these were a cheap WD Surplus way of keeping warm, before they became trendy sportscar drivers' attire were an old Commer, Ford E83W and two Morris half-ton vans, plus a couple of cars, and there's an early Bedford TA just visible on the right. This nice line-up of cattle floats was photographed in the early 1960s, when Commercial Motor visited Midland Marts Ltd cattle market, Banbury Livestock Yard, on Merton Street, Grimsbury, in the garage door remote keypad opener of Oxfordshire.

This was apparently the biggest cattle market in Western Europe at the time, having been opened in 1 The vehicles seen here, from left to right, a Fordson BBE, EW 8816 Huntingdonshire, 1935 , a Thornycroft Sturdy Diesel, OFK 216 Worcester, 1956 , of A F Phipps, horse, cattle and general hauliers of Northleach, Gloucestershire, two vehicles of Oldhams Livestock Transport, based in Barford, south-west of Warwick, a diesel Morris FE, XUE 305 Warwickshire, 1958 , fleet no 28, and a Morris-Commercial FV Series I, KWD 333 Warwickshire, 1951 , fleet no 39, a Bedford S Type, MVJ 321 Herefordshire, 1955 , with the later-style grille, possibly retro-fitted to the wood-grain painted cab, of A E Wright, Haulage Contractor, of Leominster, Herefordshire, plus a a glimpse of a pre-war Morris 8 saloon and a Rice's Pony Trailer remember the Corgi Toys model of the 1960s? There was a gradual changeover from mainly wooden-bodied cattle float bodies, to aluminium, while in many cases the cattle body was a container, carried on a flatbed, making the vehicle multi-purpose, in spite of the unladen weight penalty, although most of the vehicles in our pictures seem to have had permanently-fitted purpose-built bodies. As I have said before, agricultural haulage, in all its various forms, has always made up a significant proportion of the tonnage moved on our roads, and our previous features on livestock transport have proved popular with many readers. We published David garage door remote keypad opener memories of livestock haulage in Cumbria a few years back as well, but perhaps other readers have pictures and memories which they would like to share sometime in the future. Here we have Bedford OL, with a cattle box fitted on its platform body surprisingly in the minority among these series of pictures HUE 677 Warwickshire, 1948 , of G A Lea of Chapel Street, Stratford-on-Avon, unloading cattle at the market in its home town. A Kew Dodge 100 Series ‘Parrot Nose', HUY 399 Worcestershire, 1949 , of Arthur Dickinson, Cattle Transporter, of Chaddesley Corbett, Kidderminster, waits to reload at Banbury, behind a farmer's trailer, presumably with a tractor or Land Rover.



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