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That's the same SD PN that I photographed when new, being craned aboard the ferry at Penzance. Now it was time to head over to Bath and inspect the NY. Although long garage door remote keypad programming from active service, until recently, it was still in the depot yard of Maltese waste contractor, M M Grazzja.

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Along with many other old British-made commercials, it had been forced off the road, as a result of emissions laws, now that Malta has joined the EU. Here she is. In a not especially-appealing orange livery, complete with some flourishes by a local Maltese signwriter, but in all other respects, looking pretty good for a binwagon that has seen forty-odd years of service. Let's sprinkle-in a bit of background: the NY-Series replaced the by then increasingly-outdated 'T-Type' range first garage door remote keypad programming in 1960/61, but looking more like a mid-50s product in 1973/ The T-Type range had consisted of three different chassis the narrow-track TN, the mid-range TZ and later, the related TX and the top-of-the range 16 tons gross TY.

Although all T-Type models had a strong family 'look, with cabs built in-house using GRP panels and a timber frame, on a metal cab base, the styling was looking increasingly outdated by the late 1960s. Unfortunately, the job of updating the cab construction while giving the new N-Series a different, more modern look, took longer than anticipated. So the revolutionary non-tipping 'ejector-discharge' Revopak body and compaction system had to be fitted to existing T-Type models until the new cab was ready. Where are the creature garage door remote keypad programming Chris Thomas waits for the air to come-up while sitting in his Cox non-suspension seat. The original HGV ‘plate' is still fitted to the bulkhead, enabling Aled Rees to regain the original UK number plate.



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