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The ton NX which used the same cab

It wasn't big on comfort, as the cantrail was now below crew eye level. This rather jaded 1970s Dennis Paxit is another 'future project' to be tackled after a Glover Webb & Liversidge 'dual tip!. “All we need is an original Karrier ‘Gamecock' garage door remote kit cab on which to mount it," Chris explains optimistically. A rare bird an ex-Derby City Council Leyland ‘Clydesdale' with SD Revopak body.

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Oddly, Leyland didn't have much success in the municipal market, until the T45/C40 generation arrived, so most Revopak bodies were mounted on SD chassis. On a more positive note, most NY models were Leyland-powered, a tradition set by the original 350 'Power Plus' diesel, first used in the TY models. The 14 ton NX, which used the same cab but with narrower mudwings would use the Perkins 354, shared with the new 6 ft 6 in-wide NN. Once the drawing office could garage door remote kit out how to make a narrower cab from the Motor Panels pressings, that is.

As the months ticked by, it was clear the drawing office staff didn't have the resources or the leadership to engineer a new narrow cab to match the NY and NX. And even if they had, it would still require a unique 'narrow' windscreen. So a 'stopgap; using the garage door remote kit TN cab, but with two cab doors instead of four on the crew-cab TN, was hurried into production. There never would be a new Motor Panels style cab on the NN, wrecking any hope of a new, 'family image' for my new brochures. Ouch! I've just had to pinch myself again.



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