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Standing in Pilcher's yard at Chatham is GKR 744, DH451, withdrawn from the M&D fleet in 1 It was withdrawn by Pilchers by 1964 and re-sold. It had been re-bodied by Weymann in 1951 while in C&D ownership. M&D and East Kent Bus Club . Below: RKK 994 was a 1953 Guy Arab IV with Gardner 6LW garage door remote learn genie remote and lightweight Weymann ‘Orion' H32/26R body.

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Passing to M&D in 1955, it served for a further 13 years until 1968, when it journeyed to TPE of Macclesfield dealer , then to scrap merchant, Wombwell Diesel Co. Chatham & District was no more, with serviceable buses and employees transferred. There is regrettably little left of the Chatham & District era, save for the one bus, GKE 68, ex-Fleet No 874, which is being preserved and will eventually be brought into service as an educational artefact, and recovery lorry GKE 65, also now locally preserved, plus some signs along the walls on the approach to Chatham Dockyard formerly by Pembroke Gate. It was through the foresight and determination of the late Brian Smith, who died on November 1st 2014, aged 81, that GKE 68 survived and at some later stage when its transformation has been completed I hope to tell its story in a future article for Vintage Roadscene. Both new in 1942, these two Bristol K5Gs have garage door remote learn genie remote different body styles.

GKR 748 has an original Bristol UH30/26R, while GKR 750 sports a replacement Weymann H30/26R of 1 Both rejoined the main M&D fleet and were finally withdrawn in 1960, and sold to Fleet Car Sales of Dunchurch dealer , with 748 going to Churchbridge Motor Services of Cannock until 1966, and 750 passing to Bedlington & District of Ashington until 1 Both the Late Frank Wright . TKM 361 was also a Guy Arab IV with Weymann ‘Orion' body, new to C&D in 1 It also served with M&D until 1968, with an identical disposal history to RKK VKO 992 was one of eight vehicles ordered by C&D, but not completed until after the takeover and delivered direct to M&D. Similarly serving until 1968, it passed to TPE and subsequently Wombwell, like the previous two garage door remote learn genie remote Finally, the ‘one that got away, GKE 68, the only former Chatham & District bus to remain in active preservation, along with GKE 65, as a service support lorry. These views, taken in the early days of rescue show the mammoth task it is to repair and restore out of service vehicles.



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