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By th September FKL was another Bristol K

It was withdrawn in garage door remote liftmaster and returned to Bristol, as the chassis was deemed unsuitable for the local working conditions in Medway. The body was transferred to a new K5G chassis, which became FKL 616 in late 1 finally extended up Waterworks Hill, always a problem, to the Weedswood Estate, which had recently been constructed. Churchill Avenue was the end of Chatham's development in the Walderslade area at that time.

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Apart from the major garage door remote liftmaster accident of December 1951, when 24 Royal Marine cadets were run down and killed at Brompton, life continued, with thousands going to work at Chatham Dockyard and other industries based around the River Medway Short Brothers, Aveling & Porter and Wingets, to name but a few. It was not until 1953, that new replacement Guy Arab buses, with lightweight Orion bodies came into service, just before the transfer of Chatham stock to M&D. By 30th September, FKL 615 was another 1938 Bristol K5G, seen here in Maidstone & District livery as DH292, after absorption in October 1 It served for two more years, passing to the dealer PVD of Dunchurch and on to a local contractor. 2: Details of the rear of FKL 613, from the 1938 intake, another Bristol K5G with Weymann body, which lasted in the fleet until 1953 when it was broken up at Luton Depot. The Late Frank Wright .

3-4: Two colour views of FKO 223, a Leyland TD5 with Weymann H28/26R body, new in June 1939, following a complicated history, ordered by Chatham & District, transferred to M&D and, when completed, back to Chatham & District. This bus garage door remote liftmaster with Chatham & District until 1942, when it was transferred to M&D as fleet no DH It was finally withdrawn in 1954, passing via PVD of Dunchurch to Charlton-on-Otmoor Services, working there from 1955 to 1963, when it was purchased by my late friend F A Tony Green, who owned it until he died and it passed to R & C Gibbons of Maidstone in 1 5: The same bus in service with Charlton-on-Otmoor Services, photographed in September 1960, in this company's livery. GKE 72 was also part of the 1939 batch of Weymann bodied Bristol K5Gs, which served with C&D, until absorption in 1955, passing then to another M&D subsidiary, The Hastings Tramways Co' of St Leonard's-on-Sea. It was transformed into a tower wagon, becoming T1 in the service fleet in 1 In October the following year, Hastings Tramways followed C&D by joining the main M&D fleet, where it served for another two years. On disposal to TPE of Macclesfield, it passed to two local Kent dealers.



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