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The full disposal history is complex: it was withdrawn in 1956, sold to PVD of Dunchurch dealer , then to Mountain Transport of London SW3 by 1 The Late Brian Smith, an ex-C&D conductor, bought the bus in 1960 and had it a long time, until it is recorded as being with Baldry of Bury St Edmunds by 1 It spent some years at the back of Castle Point Transport Museum, as seen in the following photos. On Baldry's death, it passed to his widow and was saved from the scrapyard by the British Bus Preservation Group in1991, then Myers of Bolton from 1 Luckily, today it is in the ownership of the Friends of Chatham Traction with the aim of total restoration. Aspects of the bus's ‘erosion' ,while stored at the Castle point Museums to be recounted in a future garage door remote light control Roadscene article. site at Canvey Island during the 1980s, show what an amazing transformation has been Ray Newcomb remembers a man who played an important part in the success of Humber Warehousing and other companies based in Grimsby, along with a look through his photo album relating to the recovery work in which he involved himself.

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A couple of issues back, we looked at the life and times of Geoff Hallam, who headed up Humber Warehousing and spent a lifetime in transport, and is remembered by many people, especially in the Grimsby and North Lincolnshire area, by all those who worked with him. The companies, Humber Warehousing and garage door remote light control McVeigh are well-remembered far and wide, and the men under whose direction they developed and prospered will be remembered along with them. Dave Marsh was always Geoff Hallam's 'right hand man'. Having started as a driver, he became transport manager, then operations director at Humber for many years.

He always took a close interest in the running of the workshops and, notably, the recovery operations undertaken, involving the garage door remote light control own and other operators' vehicles. After school, Dave worked on a local farm, before National Service at RAF Coningsby. Then he spent some time driving for Pelters, hide and skin merchants, based at the Fish Docks, Grimsby. Cow hides were used in the cod end of the fishing nets. Ron Bracey tells a story of how Dave fostered his driving career, by letting him drive hs lorry on the docks, so when Ron got a job with a transport company, he had a head start.



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