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Dave then moved to Porter's Transport, of Waltham. When Humber acquired this company, the vehicles and drivers transferred and Dave became part of the Humber system. He quickly rose through the ranks, becoming Operations Director during the 1970s. In his private life, Dave was well-known locally for garage door remote linear swimming and running marathons, not to mention dressing up for the local carnivals.

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Sadly, he succumbed to cancer at the young age of 56 in 1 His son Kevin Marsh also worked for Humber, as a mechanic, then garage door remote linear tankers, until Total Oil closed down in 2012, when he took early retirement. We have a number of transport-related pictures of Dave Marsh, plus a selection of the many photographs he took of lorries involved in accidents, needing recovery by the team from the Humber Warehousing workshops. Top: Dave Marsh seen on the left on a Brough Superior, JV 9131 Grimsby, 1946 , with his brother, outside the family home in Waltham, Grimsby, in 1 Left: Dave seen with Blake's pre-war Morris taxi in the early post-war years. 52 May 16 Dave in the cab of Reiter’s Austin K4, loaded with animal skins. Left: Two Perkins-powered Commer C Series tippers, FFU 841/842C Lindsey, Lincolnshire, 1965 of Porter's Transport, Waltham, which Dave drove for.

Cyril Porter's wife, Iris drove Bedford WX lorries when she was in the Land Army during the war. Dave dressed up as Neptune and a poacher for local carnivals. Dave is garage door remote linear on the left, outside the Humber Warehousing workshops, with the company's Scammell Pioneer recovery vehicle. May 16 53 Left: Dave Marsh's son, Kevin was a mechanic at Humber Warehousing. Note the imported Volkswagens in the compound to the rear.



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