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GKE is seen here in the service of Wheatsheaf Motors

M&D and East Kent Bus Club . GKE 65 was a 1939 Bristol K5G, with Weymann H28/26R bodywork, Fleet No It served until 1953, when it was converted to a breakdown lorry for the Service Fleet. It remained with M&D after takeover, until 19 Looking a little forlorn is GKE 93, which was withdrawn a year after passing to M&D in 1955, sold through PVD of Dunchurch dealer to Edmunds of Rassau, in whose ownership it is seen here in garage door remote lock 1 It finally passed to Contract Bus Services of London by August 19

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Piggy in the middle is GKE 94, which went to Bedlington and District of Ashington, for the period 1957-8, reportedly unused, then to Mountain Transport of London SW3 where it was used for spares and eventually scrapped at Berkeley Park Station by 1 To the left is a former Glasgow Corporation Transport AEC Regent 0661 with Weymann H30/26R bodywork. Unfortunately the registration is incomplete for the single decker to its right. GKE 99 is seen here in the service of Wheatsheaf Motors D J Davies of Merthyr Tydfil, in June 1 It ran for this operator between 1957 and 1 GKP 268 was one of three Guy Arab IIs, with Gardner 5LW engines and Weymann UH30/26R bodywork, new in January 1 They garage door remote lock on hire to Maidstone & District, before being withdrawn in 1945 and exchanged for M&D's three Utility Bristol K5Gs GKR 745-7 . They were all re-bodied by Weymann in 1952 and the original bodies broken up. No 268 became DH83 in the M&D fleet, serving there until 1964, when it passed to dealer TPE of Macclesfield.

GKR 746 was a 1942 Bristol K5G, with Bristol UH30/26R body, which was rebuilt by Weymann in 1951, the original bodies being garage door remote lock up. On amalgamation into the M&D fleet in 1955, it served for a further five years before being sold through Fleet Car Sales of Dunchurch dealer to Bee Line Roadways of West Hartlepool, then through PVD to Alscot Motors of London SE1 by 1 It is likely that behind is GKR 747, which had a similar disposal history. GKR 741 was a Bristol K5G with Strachans UH30/26R body, new in 1942 to Maidstone & District, which lasted until replaced by this Saunders H30/26R body in 19 It served for a further two years, before passing to the C&D fleet for just three years, before re-joining M&D. After five years, it was withdrawn, sold to Fleet Car Sales of Dunchurch dealer , then to Bedlington & District of Ashington and from there to Hancock & Turner of Lynemouth dealer .



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