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May Yew Tree Gathering Jim King

2: This wartime Austin K2-based NAAFI canteen, GGX 765, was doing a roaring trade, serving teas to rally-goers near the military section. 3: Three Thames Traders together, two earlier dropsides, 2162 PX and 856 HKE, with later artic unit, JMK 975B, with a car transporter trailer, complete with Ford cars, in Folkestone Dependable Delivery livery. 4: Having once owned examples of both these vehicles there's an admission! , I couldn't resist including this Ford 300E van and garage door remote lockout estate car, seen together on the Ford Side-valve stand.

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5: Among the various Maidstone & District vehicles present was this ECW-bodied Bristol L6A, LKT 991, the company's choice of garage door remote lockout bus before new Bristols became unavailable to non-nationalised users, with early Bedford SB/Duple, PPH 698, in the livery of H R Richmond, forerunner of today's Epsom Coaches. 6: Seen on the round-the-showground service is 1931 Leyland-bodied Titan TD1, now SV 6107, but once J 1199 in the fleet of Jersey Motor Transport, in which colours it has been preserved for many years. May 16 59 Yew Tree Gathering Jim King tells us that Sunday, 20th March was the second occasion that the South Midlands Area of the Historic Commercial Vehicle Society HCVS held its annual vehicle gathering at the Yew Tree Garden Centre at Ball Hill, near Newbury, Berks. This event was held for years at could have been a little kinder, but at least it the old Max Cafe on the A4 at remained dry, if a little chilly.

Padworth, until the site was An eclectic mix of vehicles rallied round, to demolished in 2014, to make way begin yet another classic rally season, ranging for a housing development. from a number of light commercials to a 1955 Scammell Constructor. This is a very cosy gathering and a perfect chance for everyone to bring their respective vehicles out of mothballs and into the I his event was held for years at the old Max Cafe on the A4 at Padworth, until the site was demolished in 2014, to make way for a housing garage door remote lockout Janet and John Ayre of the HCVS pull out all the stops to assure everyone a warm welcome at this venue and around thirty local members were in attendance. The weather open air once again.



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