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A Gardner powered Atkinson Borderer tractor unit from the McVeigh

Middle: Kevin did 'Clubman' racing and was able to use the works Transit, seen here at Cadwell Park, with his Yamaha RD400 air-cooled ‘Coffin Tank' model bike. Kevin with a Scania 112M in the later Humber livery, with a tank trailer, which delivered garage door remote losing connection from Courtaulds works in Grimsby to Coventry. Left: One of the early 1966-7 Ergo-cabbed Leyland Beavers with fridge trailers run by Birds Eye has come to grief.

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Later, during the 1970s, mileage-based bonus schemes led to a ‘hard-charging' driving style in the Ford Transcontinentals used by then, and the transport arm of the company, by then ‘Unispeed', being known by its friends as ‘Loony-speed'. 54 May 16 The driver of this Nuttall's Guy Invincible, XTJ 279D Lancahsire, 1966 , took the vehicle on the beach on a Sunday day out, at Horseshoe Point, garage door remote losing connection Mablethorpe. Dave Marsh took the embarrassing picture. A Gardner-powered Atkinson Borderer tractor unit from the McVeigh fleet shows how the wooden-framed, glass-fibre panelled cab did not stand up well to impacts in collisions. 1: A nasty accident, when the top-heavy roll-on-off container on this AEC Marshall, OEE 924G Grimsby, 1968-9 , tipped over on a sharp corner, spilling its load of rubbish over an Austin or Morris half-ton van, PFW 863G.

What a horrible way to go. 2: Another roll-over, with a Ford D Series about to be righted by a Hydracon lorry-mounted crane. 3+4: This Mercedes-Benz LP series artic, DHM 288D London, 1966 possibly Silver Roadways? , has rolled over, with significant damage to the cab, although the trailer looks intact. I Another Birds Eye Leyland artic has taken to the trees and is being pulled out successfully, by ex-military might, with Grimsby Motors' AEC | Militant and a Thornycroft Amazon, UFW 612 Lindsey, Lincolnshire, garage door remote losing connection ‘On hire from Access & Cranes Ltd. ' of Scunthorpe.



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