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This looks like a low bridge accident

May 16 55 It is surprising how the damage to vehicles can vary. This Perkins-powered, LAD-cabbed Dodge 300 Series, XTL 319 Kesteven, Lincolnshire, 1963 , looks little worse-for-wear, after it had been righted onto the hard shoulder, but the container it was carrying seems to have collapsed, spreading the load across the verge. This LAD-cabbed garage door remote lost artic, DJV 69C Grimsby, 1965 has not fared so well, as it has gone into the ditch. The Park Royal cab on this AEC Mercury tractor unit looks pretty battered, with screen, door and grille missing, as it is towed in by the Humber Warehousing Scammell Pioneer.

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The cab has completely gone from this artic, although the trailer and container look intact. The garage door remote lost can just be seen at the rear, ready to tow in the remains. This looks like a low bridge accident, judging from the damage to the upper part of the container on this AEC Marshall, six-wheeler, YNO 260F Essex, 1967 . The tractor unit involved in this excursion off the road has been removed and now the load of sacks is being laboriously transferred onto another platform trailer behind an Ergo-cabbed AEC. The Scammell Pioneer is seen in attendance again, as everybody shovels peas back into the containers, after a roll-over.

Another ‘outside job1 for the Humber recovery team, as one of the Bedford TK Luton vans of Albro Furniture, from Ipswich, has been blown over on an exposed bridge. Perhaps the driver could say his political view was ‘leaning towards the garage door remote lost Another vehicle of Nuttall’s of Heywood, Lancashire, in trouble. It looks as if the Guy Big J4T has jack-knifed, damaging the trailer headboard, but little else. The presence of the fire brigade suggests there might have been other vehicle involved in a worse accident than would appear here. The load from an overturned van is transferred into another vehicle, using pallets as a makeshift loading bank on the corner, as a policeman controls passing traffic.



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