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Artists are inspired by a wide range of influences, but for Tony Upson there’s nothing like visiting an enthusiast’s garage and seeing an empty space. “I love the moment when the doors open to reveal a great car collection but blank walls,” he says. “I just garage door remote malfunction to fill the space.

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” From his Kent studio, Upson creates a wide range of compositions featuring cars, garage door remote malfunction and graphics. He has long admired the work of the famous American pin-up artists and his recent works have taken a popular glamour angle. “I’ve never been intimidated by figure work, and really enjoy portraits,” he says. “In the past I’ve included drivers, but thought it would be fun to feature models in the style of Vargas and Gil Elvgren.

It’s harder to paint a beautiful woman’s face because the detail is so garage door remote malfunction With a chiselled old driver such as Nuvolari, it’s all about character and a good likeness. ” Upson works in acrylics both on canvas and board because he prefers the vivid, fast-drying colours: “Some enthusiasts want my paintings to be free-standing rather than framed, so 18mm MDF gives the option of cut-outs. ” Depending on the era of the subject, he will also use various techniques to age the piece: “It’s all about making the subject look right. Bugatti Type 35Bs are a favourite because I love making the race-worn bodywork look hand-made with bent louvres and dents.



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