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My only regret was hitting a fence

We need to see this car. Richard Bradbury Sutton, Surrey Bradbury dreams of seeing the Ferrari 315/335S being properly exercised at Goodwood 44 Classic & Sports Car June 2016 Wren's former MG, as featured in July '12 MGA owner's story It was with some amusement that I recently found James Page’s article involving my old MGA, LSU 323 July 2012 . I am the Mr Wren who owned the car when it first came back to the UK. My wife and I have fond memories of the MG, which arrived shortly before the birth of our first child.

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It was bought in the ’80s from a dealer in Byfleet. I have been a lifelong fan of old cars, having been encouraged by an auto club at school from the age of 11 to pull garage door remote manuals of them apart and understand how they worked. My only regret was hitting a fence in an old Vauxhall while learning to drive in the school grounds aged 12! My first car, c1975, was a Frog-eye Sprite that got me around the country despite many breakdowns including the steering failing on the M1 one night. I got my money’s worth from the RAC. The Frog died when hit by a Marina outside Strangeways prison in Manchester.

We enjoyed the MGA for a couple of years, but, as the family expanded, using her became a little complex one child on my wife’s lap while the other was in a basket behind the seats. The car was part-exchanged for a Big Healey, my love of those garage door remote manuals started in the ’60s when an aunt’s boyfriend had one. As the family grew we faced the joys of school bills so the Healey was replaced with an Alfa Spider until university came around. We also had a Morris Traveller and VW Camper, so all three kids have stories about breaking down in the middle of nowhere. Mum’s famous for lying under a car holding the exhaust while I clamped it to the manifold! So why did I start thinking about LSU 323? This year, I will be



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