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At an early Goodwood Festival

Of course, it was dangerous, but as Stirling Moss might say, that was the point. Interestingly, although garage door remote model acscto type 1 Hawthorn set a new lap record in the Ferrari at Le Mans in ’57, he was only 7 secs faster than he had been in 1955 in the works 4-litre D-type even though improvements to the circuit following the ’55 disaster had actually made it faster. He thought he could have gone quicker in a 8-litre D-type, purely by virtue ofits better brakes.

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Think, too, that on the Mille Miglia, even the quickest driver was going to be at the wheel for a minimum of 10 hours. Modern F1 stars talk about “a long race”, but they last barely 90 minutes and that in a car with power steering and paddle gearchange. At an early Goodwood Festival of Speed, I was standing next to a 335S the only time that I have seen one when Phil Hill walked up and garage door remote model acscto type 1 on the other side. I was so overcome by the moment that I couldn’t think of anything sensible with which to start a conversation. I missed my opportunity, and it is something that I still regret.

So, my list of top Ferraris would start with the 315/335S, then the ’59/60 250 Testa Rossa, ’53 250/375 MM coupe and ’61 250GT SWB Berlinetta. I get my annual fix of 1950s nostalgia at the Goodwood Revival, having attended my first race meeting there at Easter 1958 watching my heroes Hawthorn, Moss, Collins, Hamilton and Archie Scott Brown. Ever since the Revival started in 1998, I have garage door remote model acscto type 1 to see a 315/335S compete in the Sussex Trophy. To witness this wonderful machine being exercised would be a moment of pure joy. Here’s hoping that the new owner of ‘0674’ will get the call from Lord March and have the bravery to accept.



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