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Well I wanted to add some colour to the statement

With retirement garage door remote motorcycle and no classic in the garage, it’s time to start looking. I am thinking Alfa, because we currently don’t have one breaking a run from the mid-’80s to 2010 . I’d love a Healey but the prices are now out of my league.

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I could stretch to an MGA, although I'm sure LSU is now out of reach. And why write in? Well, I wanted to add some colour to the statement ‘once owned by a Mr Wren’. Please excuse this self-indulgence. Chris Wren Bridport, Dorset Pedant of the month Pedant of the month wins an garage door remote motorcycle C&SC baseball cap. Send your observations to james.

elliott@haymarket. com I recently got hold of the February issue of C&SC and noticed in the Classic movie of the month panel a reference to Ilya garage door remote motorcycle riding a McQueen-style 'Matisse' K3 desert racer. While Henri Matisse 18691954 was a powerful force in the world of painting, printmaking and sculpture, I don't think he ever got involved in motorcycle design. The frames in question were pioneered by Don and Derek Rickman from 1960-'75, and were developed for scrambling and then road racing. They used Triumph twins, or BSA and Matchless singles.



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