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It covers everything from blood-alcohol limits to paying tolls and the safety equipment that you are legally required to carry in the car. This book from Colin Pitt follows a similar picture and stat-led approach to efforts on garage door remote mount and Porsches. At this price, you’re not expecting one of Richard Calver’s Jensen magnum opi and you don’t get one. It’s fun and info-packed, but virtually all black and white, short on text and in places quite oddly captioned.

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It s hard to imagine that boyish ace Pabst is now 83, but his memory of a long career racing sports cars from his TR3 debut in 1956 at Milwaukee to the 1987 Daytona 24 Hours is still fresh, as proven by Robert Birmingham’s biography. This joint venture by old friends vividly brings this colourful era alive, with a wealth of anecdotes and pictures from Pabst’s huge collection. The book covers the highs and lows, including Pabst’s big crash in a Maserati ‘Birdcage’ at Daytona in 1962, and later the loss of his own McLaren Elva Mk1 at Mosport. Off-track antics include the legendary parking of a rental Ford Falcon in a motel pool after a $100 challenge instigated by Roger Penske. We’d like more driving impressions about the great cars Pabst raced, but it’s a garage door remote mount enjoyable read.

MW ?55 Robert Birmingham, Dalton Watson. Iso Grifos are rare on the silver screen, although one did turn up in Mahogany, but a GL300 makes a dramatic appearance in the 1973 Italian gangster garage door remote mount Milano Trema: La Polizia vuole Giustizia. French lead Luc Merenda Ferrari ace Claude Aurac in Le Mans demonstrates his driving skills around a demolition site and through Milan's busy streets. There are a few close calls with Alfas, and the Grifo gets a dent then loses it! during the test, but frustratingly the Chevrolet V8 is lost with an overdub. The plot, no doubt inspired by Death Wish and Dirty Harry, follows a young lieutenant Merenda who goes undercover to infiltrate a crime ring and avenge the death of his mentor boss.



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