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The Whiteaway Turner Ace crosses the line at

Post-show road tests necessitated some tweaks, but he was presented with the finished vehicle in late 1 From then until last year when, aged well over 100, he finally sold it it covered less than 6000km. Now, as I am regaled with this tale by Fabian Ebrecht of FSP, I start to get nervous. garage door remote no longer works is surely the point where, having drawn me in with this wonderful story of vendetta, rivalry and immense originality, he tells me that his client is to completely restore the car? Thankfully, no. It is roadworthy and apparently drives nicely, so why bother? Besides, the new owner is a very particular type of collector.

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All of the 35 or so cars that he has amassed over the past 30 years meet the same three criteria: less than 10,000km, only one previous owner and original paint. The same conditions apply whether it is a 2CV or Daytona and, yes, he has both, as well as a particularly nice Lamborghini Miura S so we can be confident that the unique, intriguing garage door remote no longer works Maniero GT 4700 will continue to wear its history on its sleeve. With pride. The Whiteaway/Turner Ace crosses the line at Le Mans in 1959 to uphold AC honour. Bottom: Turner has twice driven the famous car in recent years The Le Mans 24 Hours has been a magic event for over 90 years.

In the 1920s the field was entirely made up of production models, and they had to complete the first hour with their hoods erect. Even in the 1950s, the Jaguar C-types and D-types that garage door remote no longer works five outright victories would be driven to the circuit from the Coventry factory, howling down the routes nationales and through the rural villages. Now, of course, the front-runners such as the Audi R18 e-tron and the Porsche 919 Hybrid are fantastically complex, futuristic projectiles. Technological marvels that they are, they share little more with everyday road cars than the fact that they have four wheels. The GT entrants, with glorious battles in prospect this year between Ferrari, Aston Martin, Porsche, Corvette and the new Ford GT, are more in the spirit of Le Mans’ origins, but they’re hardly going to be driven to the race on the road.



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