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Ted Whiteaway died more than 20 years ago, but John Turner, at a bouncing 90 years of age, is very much with us. Among his clear memories of the garage door remote not opening is the moment a Maserati hit the barriers in the Esses and spread the entire contents of its sump across the track. “I had the doubtful privilege of being the next car to arrive,” he remembers. “I went from lock to lock, momentarily completely out of control, but fortunately someone up above must have been steering, because I got to the Mulsanne Straight in one piece, feeling a lot older and somewhat wiser.

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” A couple of years ago, Deveson took the Ace to Goodwood for Turner to reel off some laps. He found the car still familiar half a century on, and just as friendly. And then in March this year, he drove it again when garage door remote not opening and French AC enthusiasts Bertrand Leseur and Robert Sarrailh invited him to the Goodwood Members’ Meeting: “Our Ace was certainly an effective sports-racing car on our flying laps in daylight we were averaging over 100mph but when it went back to Jane Waugh it remained a perfectly usable car for shopping and the school run. I don’t think you could say that about one of today’s Le Mans cars.

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