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From Isadora Duncan Amilcar, 1927 I always thought it was a Bugatti to Helmut Newton Cadillac SRX, 2004 , Bayley takes a respectful but detailed look at this grim yet, to me, fascinating subject. The usual suspects are all there, as well as lesser-known examples such as General Patton, Jackson Pollock and the sad tale of a celebrated French horn player called Dennis Brain, who crashed and died in his apple green TR2 in 1 Having written a book touching on this a few years ago where some of my celebrities survived their accidents , I considered myself a student of this grisly garage door remote not programming Even so, Death Drive contains lots of new detail I didn’t know, such as the fact that Mike Hailwood was on his way to get fish and chips when his Rover SD1 hit a truck crossing the central reservation. As Bayley points out, the banality of that situation somehow makes it all the more sad when you consider how many times this brave man had eluded death riding motorbikes in the highest levels of competition.

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And talking of banality, how could it be that glamorous American rock ’n’ garage door remote not programming superstar Eddie Cochran should lose his life when the miserable Ford Consul taxi he was riding in hit a lamppost? And in Chippenham, of all places. When you look at some of the photographs in Death Drive, what is shocking is how little damage the cars have sustained. In the end, it’s partly about luck and whether or not you were wearing a seatbelt as most people didn’t, pre-1970s. Although, when you examine the shattered remains of Tara Brown’s Lotus Elan or indeed Jayne Mansfield’s Buick , you wonder how anyone could have walked away, or even been carried, still breathing.

In both cases, there were survivors. Having a significant accident in an old car is perhaps the great taboo subject of the classic world, but it’s a risk most of us accept and rarely think about. I suspect we tell ourselves that we will probably be travelling more slowly and be more alive to our environment than the average comatose dolt in a modern blob. If people in ‘moderns’ too often drive them as if there were no consequences to hitting something just press the reset button and start the game again , as an old-car pilot you tend develop an acute garage door remote not programming sense that, to a certain extent, helps to keep you out of trouble. If the unthinkable should happen, however, there is no use pretending that these vehicles do not have a lot more potential to do serious harm.



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