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Instead, he found the Modenese company truculent and unresponsive. In the great tradition of self-made Italians who aren’t getting their own way, Maniero decided to build his own car. In this case, not in a bid to become a rival manufacturer and garage door remote not working the source of his ire we’re talking about you, Ferruccio! , but simply so that he would have the vehicle he wanted one that could do what was asked of it.

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He jotted down a 10-point checklist of his requirements at the head of it ‘no grounding on garage door remote not working presumably and presented that to Giovanni Michelotti. The prolific Torinese who had already done so much work for Farina, Vignale and Allemano not to mention several entire Triumph ranges had set up his own studio in ’59 and took on the task at his customary pace. What he came up with was a svelte GT that, apart from the Shelby GT350 engine and Lola four-speed ’box, is entirely bespoke. And it went almost as rapidly as it was put together, being geared to do 110kph in first and to top out at 260kph 160mph . Plus, just in case you thought it was all a fairytale, underneath you will notice that the exhausts do actually pass through the chassis to prevent them from grounding.

It must be said that it is a highly accomplished effort for a one-off, and the finish, especially inside, is spectacularly good. The lines are clean and bang-up-to-date, yet mature and restrained as befitting the car of a serious businessman. Indeed, Giovanni Michelotti was so pleased with his work that he showed it at garage door remote not working in ’ The car was a hit and there was said to be a list of 24 buyers by the end of the first day. Except that Maniero didn’t want that. He shut down the project instantly, meaning that total production would remain at just one.



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