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One feature he pointed out to me was the K70 was a cracker Martin Buckley’s article on the Volkswagen K70 and NSU Ro80 C&SC, March brought back many memories for me, because I was able to do a similar comparison back in 1 I owned a 1972 VW K70L GNW 977K , which was fitted with the smaller 1605cc engine. At the time, I was working on weekdays at the Jerry Allen Organ Centre in Borehamwood Jerry being famous for leading the garage door remote not working from car on the ATV programme, Lunchbox . He owned an NSU Ro80 with which he towed a trailer carrying his organ for concert work, and quite often we would use the car to make deliveries to customers.

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I often took the wheel, and was able to drive my K70 immediately garage door remote not working from car Martin’s views on the cars are spot on, although at the time I didn’t feel that the K70 was underpowered. I wasn’t particularly fond of the gearstick, though, so shortened it slightly and fitted a home air-horn button on the passenger side of the dash: “Use it as required" was the instruction! It didn't take long to get there not long enough , and the 300SL was soon up on a lift. How great an experience to have a look at the underside of the heavily canted and still hot motor. Yes, there was an oil leak but nothing major and so we were soon back at his flat.

I never did meet up with him again and have no idea if his trip went well. While reading your article, it struck me that it would be garage door remote not working from car if you could include a photograph looking up from below, complete with a caption pointing out what makes the difference between good and great. What did I have at the time? A Jaguar XK150S fixed-head. Good, but not quite in the same league. Bryan Baker Maldon, Essex made gearknob.



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