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Regrettably, I sold the car in 1977, and still remember it as one of the best I’ve owned. I mention working in the music store during the week, because at the weekend I played the organ at a venue in Liverpool. I would close the shop at 5:30pm on Saturday evening and drive the K70 to Merseyside. The motorways being very quiet in those days, I would usually arrive around 8:20pm, garage door remote not working from distance in time to start the performance 10 minutes later.

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I would then travel on to Southport, which was my home town, returning to Liverpool for Sunday evening’s gig. Immediately after finishing the concert I would garage door remote not working from distance back to Dunstable, where I lived, and then finally back to Borehamwood on Monday morning to open up the shop. I did this for about 18 months, and the VW never missed a beat, was comfortable for long journeys, and was happy to cruise at 70mph-plus. I now live in the USA, and a few years ago tried unsuccessfully to buy a K70 on eBay. The advert claimed that there were only two K70s in the US.

I don’t know if that is correct, but nobody I’ve talked to here has heard of it. Trevor Jones Cumming, GA, USA Mercedes 300SL looks incredible from above, but what about some shots of the underside, says Baker VW K70 was a fine car, says Jones, who owned one in 1976 Apologies to NSU owner Simon Woolf for spelling his name incorrectly in the Ro80-K70 story Ed garage door remote not working from distance V8 I really enjoyed your excellent article Euro-American Hybrids C&SC, April . I did, however, feel that you had missed a very obvious hybrid in the shape of the MGB GT V I owned one of these for about 20 years and seriously regret parting with it. My ex-wife convinced me to sell; we are now divorced and I really miss the car! The all-aluminium engine was a delight, even in the lower-powered 137bhp spec borrowed from the Range Rover, and the car weighed less than a four-cylinder BGT. Mine had done over 250,000 miles when it was sold, but had been very well cared for it drove and looked like a car with only 25,000 miles on the clock.



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