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We’re living in a tiny flat in south-east London while we turn our bungalow into a family house. The Lada garage door remote panel is an after-workbusiness, run on a shoestring. Making contact with VAZ, which makes the Niva 500 miles south-east of Moscow, was tough. It’s quite impenetrable, still seems like a big state organisation.

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When I finally met the EU marketing director, she wondered why I hadn’t just gone straight to the factory? Well, it’s a helluva long way and getting a business visa wasn’t easy. Anyway, once I’d been ‘vetted’ they found I only wanted good for their brand. I buy my cars from sales agents whenever I have garage door remote panel it’s about 25 a year at present. A direct factory order would need to be for a huge number. There’s lots of legislation around importing cars that I’ve had to learn.

Brilliantly, however, the Niva has European type approval. Everything is e-marked, the glass and lights, so it’s fine, and ithasaEuro 6-spec 7-litrefuel-injected and catalysed engine. They come to me after some amazingly complicated journeys. Today, a couple of garage door remote panel Eastern Bloc lads dropped this lovely blue one off. It has a blue tweed interior.



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